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Looking for an American accent? Try an American!

I do voiceover work for advertising agencies, for companies, both for in-house use and for broadcast advertising, voiceovers for on-hold narration, audio books, radio I.D.s, and for videos
I also am able to record these voiceovers in my own studio, in fact the voiceover samples for Wimpy and the Lesoto Department of Tourism
were recorded at my studio.

For me, the American accent doesn't mean "a U.K. or Afrikaans try"
at an American accent: It's the "accent" I've had all my life!
Particularly if you intend to market to the U.S., or want to provide an American accompaniment to American products or media,
I can provide the transparent and familiar neutral West Coast American sound.

And, if you want the Southern Texas, or Cowboy twang, for ribs, whiskey,
or a southern U.S. regional narration, give me a listen.
I lived in Dallas Texas for many years and can accurately speak
with a Southern U.S. accent.

I've worked for MNET, Wimpy, Look and Listen, and even the Lesoto Department of Tourism!

John Fresk Voiceover Samples:


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